Insights Opinion is a leading quantitative market research agency in India offering expert data collection services to large research and consulting firms. We take pride in working with a highly competent team of experts and a global team of 4 million panelists. Our determination and enthusiasm to provide fast-paced results has marked a significant success towards our dynamic growth in 100 countries across the world.

Our unmatchable passion to become the best market research company in India, ability to serve in more than 60 languages, and perfect customized services has earned us the most valued trust and appreciation of our clients.

With the main offices based in the US, UK and India, Insights Opinion serves in a wide array of administrations offering infographics, scripting, telemarketing, content syndication, diagramming, multi-geological and multilingual studies, computerized advertising, lead generation, and white-paper announcing. At Insights Opinion, we are determined to make no quality compromise and are appreciated by our worldwide clients which has made us a renowned qualitative market research company.

Our contemporary and exclusive research and data outsourcing potential helps our customers to settle on more intelligent choices for their business needs. Security, simplicity and speed are the three vitals at Insights Opinion to provide profundity and insightful research based on domain expertise, exposure and scientific methodologies making us top market research company in india.

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Insight Opinion offers accurate quantitative research solutions to make your business standout among contemporaries. Our team of hardworking and highly motivated experts cautiously reviews all the meticulous details to ensure exceptionally high-quality data reports.

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Real-time analysis of customer’s motivations, needs, and requirements is central to your business success. To identify the true market landscape and evaluation of challenging prospects, Insights Opinion perfectly carries out the qualitative business research.

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It is no news that our ways of conducting market research are changing dramatically. With technological advances, the research industry is bound to evolve. Due to this reason, researchers can conduct panel-based research, which is designed to collect data faster and easier as compared to traditional landline surveys.

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Mystery shopping is central for competitive business growth in today’s rapidly changing market. Insights Opinion truly understands the needs of its clients to get great customer’s experience and offers reliable, flexible, and effective Mystery Shopping services at pocket friendly rates.

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Internal audits are essential to take deep drive into functional areas of governance, compliance, and operations. As a top market research company in India, Insights Opinion survey audits for business growth and effectively back checks...

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& Hosting

As a business, you need to grow and adapt to the market changes constantly. By collecting data important to your company, you can understand your market and industry trends in order to make necessary changes.

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Translation is the process of converting information available in one language to another. Human translation allows a trained professional who is well-versed in two dialects to communicate a message from a source language...

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Data Processing
& Analytics

Data processing is one of the prime business functions that requires collecting raw data from several sources to present it in a format that allows its analysis. Data processing professionals use plenty of techniques that can help in the...

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Online Community

Online market research communities (or MROCs) are closed networks of profiled, opted-in research participants who take part in structured and unstructured qualitative/quantitative research activities.


With the main offices based in US, UK and India, Insights Opinion is capable of serving in 60 foreign languages, covering more than 100 countries. We hold the emblem of no compromise on research quality and ensure superior quality research data analysis to give organizations, a competitive edge. Our rock-solid research team of experts is fully aware the essence of good quality data and thus strive hard to keep you ahead of your contemporaries.

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In this fiercely competitive marketplace, you must always be aware of the market trends and work in
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

In general, the cost of market research depends on the type of project. The major chunk of the cost is decided by custom research type completed by a top market research company in India within your industry niche, the customers and respondents, and the representation of the data.

There are 4 main types of market research

  1. Primary research
  2. Secondary research
  3. Qualitative research
  4. Quantitative research

The market research firm will collaborate with you to establish a vision, methodology, and sequential strategy. They will demonstrate how to obtain the information you require and assist you in translating your objectives into market research outcomes.

To grow your business, no cost bar is too high. However, you can define your budget bracket based on your need and market research. To know about the exact cost, get in touch with the best market research company in india.