Online Community Building

Build An Online Community To Gather Deep Insights About Your Consumers

Conducting qualitative or quantitative research online will no longer be a hassle when you have a (Market Research Online Community) MROC to help you out. You get to use your market research online community software to monitor, analyse, and engage in discussions through one single platform. Online communities are helpful in getting better insights into the behaviour and experience of your consumers.

Building an online community platform is also a great way to keep customers engaged and loyal. These online communities allow people to ask questions and get answers directly from others who have the same questions and concerns as them. They also make the brand more authentic and trustworthy that increases brand recognition and revenue.

With Insights Opinion, you get the ultimate opportunity to do global market research and listen to your customers better with an advanced and user-friendly online research platform.

How Does Online Community Building Work?

With market research online community platforms, businesses can reach out to a target audience for almost any online research need. It not only saves time and money, but also helps in allocating your attention towards an overall strategy development.

Building an online community can also increase customer lifetime value. By providing a forum where members can talk and interact with each other, an online community can create an emotional bond. This makes customers more likely to stay with you and recommend your business to their friends. It is also cheaper to retain customers than to acquire new ones, so creating an online community can improve customer retention.

Online communities can offer

  • More control: When you have your own community, you’re in control of all of their activity and monitor the same.
  • More security: Privacy and security are the highest concern and building a good online community also comes as a safe space.
  • More data: You will have access to all the information if you start your own online community, which will help you better understand your customers and give them an authentic experience with data processing services.
  • Community management tools: Specifically designed online community helps you create an engaging experience for the customers.

Ways to Build an Online Community Platform

There are two types of research communities, and having access to them will help you get a more personal and deeper look into your customer.

1. Pop-Up Online Community– These communities are created for a short-term setting for excellent customer engagement and deep insights. Most market research companies need these online communities for around a week or 3 months.

2. Continuous Online Community– These are long-term communities that can formulate opportunities to enhance customer loyalty among consumers. Get to track the ideas, opinions, and potential behaviour changes of your customers towards a product or brand. These communities typically last for somewhere between 6 months to 2 years.

Online Community Building For Every Industry

As a big market research company, we have experience in building online community platforms across different verticals, we have helped various businesses gain a better understanding of customers. We serve across various industries including:

  • Ecommerce
  • Travel, Leisure & Hospitality
  • Media, Publishing & Entertainment
  • Mobile & Video Games
  • Marketing, SEO & Advertising
  • Technology & Software
  • Business & Finance
  • Legal

How Can Insights Opinion Help?

Insights Opinion can help you with decision-making by building an online research community. Using the strength of communities and putting them to use in the research process is made possible by the platforms. A true “end-to-end” community enables meaningful communication between an organisation and a participant via a dynamic member website with numerous ways of communication.

Through our extensive knowledge and expertise, we have successfully delivered various recruitment projects for MROCs.


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Benefits of Insights Opinion’s Online Community Building

Customer-centricity must be integrated into the organisation for effective communication with the customers. Here is how Insights Opinion can help:

  • Using the telephonic and online methodology to recruit participants which results in a high conversion rate.
  • Offering post recruitment support to ensure active participation for long-term basis communities.
  • Recruiting participants in more than 90 countries and covering 60 foreign languages.
  • Implementing native as well as bilingual language capabilities to recruit respondents in their local language.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

A: Online community building services can help businesses create and manage a vibrant and engaged community of customers, stakeholders, and partners. Online communities can provide valuable insights into customer needs, preferences, and behaviors, as well as offer a platform for feedback, support, and collaboration. By building an online community, businesses can enhance brand awareness, loyalty, and advocacy, as well as increase customer retention and revenue.

A: The cost of hiring an online community provider can depend on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the community, the level of customization and support required, and the expertise and experience of the provider. Online community providers may charge on a per-project or retainer basis, and the rates may differ based on the quality of the services, the level of specialization required, and the scope of the project.

A: To market an online community, businesses can use various strategies such as social media, email marketing, content marketing, paid advertising, and influencer marketing. They can also leverage their existing customer base and network to promote the community and encourage participation.

A: The four types of market research include
Exploratory research
Descriptive research
Causal research
Predictive research

A: Two positive aspects of an online community include increased engagement and loyalty.

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