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Conducting a market research? How would you go about choosing the best methodology?

The internet and its many uses across the globe have made market researches very simple. It has definitely evolved from the traditional methodologies. With just a push of a button, you will be able to send out hundreds of surveys to people all over the world. Online methodologies are not the only way to conduct secondary research. There are many ways in which you can collect the necessary data.

Here are some ways in which you can conduct market research:

  • Online: Customers today use the internet to conduct extensive researches on products and services that they intend to buy. Most of the customers follow the Instagram user base of their preferred brands to know more about the products or services. Online market research is the most common way to conduct market research. Online surveys are extremely effective and provide the fastest feedback. Although, it fails to provide in-depth feedback as compared to qualitative studies.
  • Phone: Phone surveys can range from 15minutes to an hour. This type of market research allows the interviewer to ask the customers for detailed responses from their customers. This data is more robust, and it is something you would not normally collect through online researches. Phone surveys require a little lengthy process as the participants need to be screened and scheduled for an interview.
  • In-person: If your business budget allows for in-person interviews, it is a great way to collect information and feedback in depth. You can also create focus groups to collect this information. Mostly, the interviews are conducted on a one-on-one basis or through focus groups at various research facilities. Just like in phone surveys, collecting data through in-person interviews will provide your business with a greater level f feedback. This method is also extremely helpful if you are in need of feedback on the look or feel of a product or food. Although, in-person interviews can become quite expensive due to the additional costs associated with qualitative researches such as facility rentals or incentives.
  • Mail: Conducting market research through regular mail is generally not recommended. Although, this may be required in certain industries depending upon the type of information that is being collected. It will also take a little while longer to process the feedback from this type of data collection process. However, it is more convenient as the participants can complete it when they have the time to do so. Although, you will not know how many people have actually responded to your survey.

Market research companies such as InsightsOpinion can help you through this process of conducting market research. In addition to this, market research survey companies work towards making your market research process simpler. With the right company like Insights Opinion, you will be guided in the right direction based on which survey you need to choose in accordance with the type of business you’re running.

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