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Conduct Panel-Based Research to Take Your
Business to the Next Level!

It is no news that our ways of conducting market research are changing dramatically. With technological advances, the research industry is bound to evolve. Due to this reason, researchers can conduct panel-based research, which is designed to collect data faster and easier as compared to traditional landline surveys.
Panel research is a specific type of research methodology that requires collecting data from a pre-recruited set of participants repeatedly. The demographic, behavioural, and household data law the foundation for conducting studies in the future.

With technology at our side, panel-based market research is now possible with access to a large number of respondents. By using such a research methodology, your company will benefit in terms of cost savings, higher participation rates, and faster turnaround.

Need for a Research Panel

Gaining proper insights about your customers is only possible when you have a quality research panel. A good research panel allows you to build rich profiles of members, which ultimately helps you in getting quality responses.
If you plan on launching a new product or service, their attitude, behaviour, and opinion are paramount to understand your customers as a whole.

Recruiting a Research Panel

Finding the right members for your research is essential. With Insights Opinion by your side, you will get access to active participants who can offer valuable insights towards your brand and products. Our professionals will use the most effective channel to recruit members, which include social media and emails.

Extent Your Business on Your Course To stay ahead of the competition, analysis of the factual market landscape is obligatory. Presenting insightful solutions to business-critical problems through advanced and complex analyses, Global Panel guides about solving problems faced by clients. Our in-house phone-based recruitment guarantees better profiling and screening. Over 4 million highly passionate and skilled panellists from various industries and different verticals help you to attain sustainable long-term business growth.

With Insights Opinion’s exclusive Global Panel, clients can get the:

  • Panel based research for both B2B and B2C segments
  • Strict panel management processes to deliver quality data
  • Global quality standards with the follow up of strict quality guidelines
  • Fool-proof data services
  • Strategic decision making with multi-mode research approach
  • Results oriented data in the given timeline with accuracy, efficiency and reliability
  • Real time engagements
  • Mobile surveys for higher than average industry response rates
  • Make sure real respondents participate in the research not the fake survey taker

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