ESOMAR 37 Questions

Our answers to ESOMAR’s 37 questions to help buyers of online samples

Company Profile

Insights Opinion takes immense pride in its extensive and robust experience in the realm of providing online samples for market research. With a tenure exceeding a decade, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to effectively support a diverse spectrum of market research projects across various industries and geographic territories. Our track record reflects our commitment to delivering online samples of the highest quality, distinguished by precision and meticulously tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

While we do extend our services to meet various objectives, including direct marketing, it is pertinent to note that a substantial majority of our operations is devoted to serving the specific requirements of the market research industry. This strategic emphasis ensures that our expertise and resources are finely honed to address the distinctive challenges and objectives intrinsic to this sector, thereby enabling us to provide our clients with the most dependable and actionable insights.

Certainly, we maintain a dedicated team for developing and monitoring our sampling algorithms and automated functions. This team is highly knowledgeable and experienced, consistently enhancing our sampling processes for precision and efficiency.

In terms of staff training, we emphasize equipping our frontline personnel with expertise in sampling techniques, including probability sampling, bias mitigation, data privacy and compliance, sampling software, and quality control. We also offer tailored training to meet specific project needs.

Our commitment to continuous education ensures our staff can execute sampling techniques effectively, contributing to data reliability and accuracy.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet our clients' research and data needs, including data collection services, data analysis and interpretation, custom research design, market segmentation and targeting, competitive analysis, consumer behavior studies, market entry and expansion strategies, market trend forecasting, industry research and reports, and consulting and advisory services. Our commitment extends beyond sample-only services, as we are dedicated to providing end-to-end solutions for our clients' market research requirements.

Sample sources and Recruitment

Insights Opinion maintains an extensive reservoir of samples through an exclusive 8 million+ global proprietary panel. In addition, we engage in collaborative partnerships with a diverse array of external suppliers to secure sample data necessary for the fulfillment of specific projects.

Our proprietary sources of sample data encompass an in-house panel and website intercept surveys, collectively contributing 90% of the total sample. The in-house panel constitutes 70%, while website intercept surveys contribute 20%. The remaining 10% of the sample is sourced from external suppliers under exclusive agreements, wherein we possess exclusive rights to oversee and facilitate access to samples originally gathered by third-party entities.

Insights Opinion employs an inclusive recruitment approach, open to all. Here's a concise overview:

In-House Panel (Proprietary):

  • Recruitment Channels: Primarily website, email invitations, partner collaborations.
  • Recruitment Process: By invitation only, with specific criteria.
  • Probabilistic Methods: Ensuring representativeness.
  • Affiliate Networks and Referral Programs: Encourage growth, about 10% participation.

Website Intercept Surveys (Proprietary):

  • Recruitment Channels: On-site prompts, open to all.
  • Probabilistic Methods: Capturing site visitors' responses.
  • Affiliate Networks and Referral Programs: Not applicable.

External Suppliers (Exclusive):

  • Recruitment Channels: Varied, including online panels, social media, targeted emails.
  • Recruitment Process: Varies, often involving pre-screening.
  • Probabilistic Methods: For representativeness.
  • Affiliate Networks and Referral Programs: Some use, around 15% participation.
  • Geographic Variation: Varies by supplier capabilities and preferences in different regions.

Insights Opinion ensures data integrity through a comprehensive validation process involving:
  • Email Verification: Approximately 98% of participants' email addresses are verified.
  • Phone Verification: Used for around 20% of participants.
  • Identity Verification Services: Employed for stringent projects, about 5% of participants.
  • Captcha and Anti-Bot Measures: Applied to all participants.
  • Geo-Location Validation: Used for studies targeting specific regions, around 25% of participants.
  • Data Duplication Checks: Detect approximately 15% of potential duplicates.
  • Machine Learning and AI: Ensures participant authenticity with an accuracy rate of about 92%.
  • Regular Audits: Maintain data quality and participant database integrity.
These proportions may vary by project requirements. Our commitment to data quality and validation remains unwavering.

Insights Opinion primarily employs its proprietary platform and apps for recruitment. The breakdown of survey access methods by source is as follows:

In-House Panel (Proprietary):

  • Mobile App: Around 30%
  • Email Invitations: Majority (65%)
  • Other Means: Remaining (5%)

Website Intercept Surveys (Proprietary):

  • Mobile App: Approximately 15%
  • Email Invitations: Majority (70%)
  • Other Means: Remaining (15%)

External Suppliers (Exclusive):

  • Mobile App: Roughly 20%
  • Email Invitations: A significant portion (60%)
  • Other Means: Remaining (20%)
These proportions are subject to project requirements and source capabilities. We continuously refine our recruitment methods to enhance participant experiences and data quality.

Insights Opinion provides various sample delivery models, offering flexibility to our clients:

Managed Service: Our dedicated team oversees the entire sampling process, from study design to data analysis, providing a comprehensive solution.

API Integration: We support seamless integration of our panel and data collection into clients' systems, ideal for those seeking to incorporate our services into their existing infrastructure. We work closely with clients to choose the best model based on their specific research needs and level of involvement.

At Insights Opinion, transparency and collaboration in sample composition are paramount:

Transparency: We provide comprehensive details about our sample sources, including proprietary and external providers, ensuring our clients have a clear understanding of sample composition.

Client Control: Clients have the flexibility to specify sample sources and providers, aligning projects with their requirements.

Third-Party Integration: We offer mechanisms to seamlessly integrate third-party sources, enhancing research flexibility. This approach underscores our commitment to transparency and customization for every project.

Insights Opinion provides diverse sample sources, each tailored to specific research needs:

Product Testing and Recruit/Recall: Our in-house panel suits these scenarios with pre-screened participants for ongoing research.

Questionnaire Length: All sources can handle short or long questionnaires, but the in-house panel is preferred for in-depth surveys.

Mobile-Only or Desktop-Only: Our sources adapt to both questionnaire types. Recruitment for Communities: In-house and external sources are suitable for community engagement.

Online Focus Groups: Both in-house and external sources support online focus group recruitment. Our experienced team helps select the best source for each project's unique needs.

Sampling And Project Management

At Insights Opinion, our survey process is meticulously designed to ensure sample alignment with the target population. Here's an overview:

Invitation and Recruitment: Participants are engaged through various channels, including email, mobile apps, website intercepts, and external partners. We use targeted messaging for demographic precision.

Pre-Screening: We employ pre-screening questions to identify participants that match the research criteria.

Sampling and Selection: When required, we utilize probabilistic methods for random sampling, ensuring representativeness.

Demographic Quota Controls: We recommend and implement demographic quota controls as needed, like age, gender, income, education, and location. Survey Completion: Qualified participants fulfilling criteria and quotas complete the survey.

Our flexible approach can be tailored to specific research objectives and target populations, enhancing research quality and accuracy.

At Insights Opinion, we maintain detailed profile data for a minimum of 80% of our panel members and any prior intercepts. This data aids in precise sample matching and survey targeting:

In-House Panel (Proprietary): We directly collect and frequently update a broad range of demographics, preferences, and interests.

Website Intercept Surveys (Proprietary): Data is based on survey responses, with updates linked to user interactions.

External Suppliers (Exclusive): Profiling information varies and is supplied by third parties with collaboration to ensure data accuracy.

We aim to provide appended profiling information to enhance research outcomes as project and source-specific availability permits. Our commitment is to supply high-quality, accurate data for research, working closely with clients to optimize its utilization.

To determine the feasibility of a research project at Insights Opinion, we typically require specific information:
  • Research Objectives: A clear understanding of the research goals and questions.
  • Target Audience: Detailed information about the desired participants.
  • Survey Length: The expected length of the survey.
  • Geographic Scope: The regions or countries needed for data collection.
  • Timing: Project timeline, start, and end dates.
  • Quotas: Any demographic or other requirements.
To provide accurate estimates, we consider factors like sample availability, data collection method, response rates, project complexity, and historical performance. We present upper and lower boundaries for feasibility, helping clients make informed decisions.

At Insights Opinion, our commitment to sample buyers is paramount. In the rare event that a project becomes unfeasible, we follow a structured approach:
  • Client Communication: We promptly inform the sample buyer of the situation and discuss potential solutions collaboratively.
  • Third-Party Sources and Sub-Contractors: If necessary, we engage certified and compliant partners to ensure project completion.
  • Certification and Compliance: We maintain stringent standards for third-party sources to guarantee data quality, privacy, and security.
  • Collaboration with Clients: Clients play an active role in determining the best approach to address challenges.
Through transparent communication, client involvement, and partnerships with certified third-party sources, we strive to overcome field-related difficulties and maintain research integrity, ultimately delivering reliable results.

Insights Opinion optimizes participant allocation and engagement for surveys through advanced yield management techniques tailored to each source:

In-House Panel (Proprietary):

  • Yield Management: We use a smart survey router system, considering participant profiles and response history to maximize survey efficiency.
  • Participant Engagement: Personalized invitations through email, mobile apps, and on-site messages ensure relevance and engagement.

Website Intercept Surveys (Proprietary):

  • Yield Management: We match website visitors to surveys, ensuring alignment with their interests.
  • Participant Engagement: On-site prompts and notifications create an engaging environment.

External Suppliers (Exclusive):

  • Yield Management: We collaborate with external suppliers with their yield management techniques.
  • Participant Engagement: Suppliers use various channels, including email and social media, to engage participants.
Our approach ensures relevant surveys, optimal response rates, and data quality. We prioritize an engaging experience for both researchers and participants.

ertainly, at Insights Opinion, we implement time limits within the router before participants qualify for a survey. These time limits are strategically instituted to prevent participants from prolonged stays in the router, thereby optimizing the routing system's efficiency and enhancing the overall participant experience.

The exact time limits are subject to project-specific considerations, participant demographics, and the specific router in operation. By imposing reasonable time constraints, we aim to strike a harmonious balance between accommodating participant availability and ensuring timely survey completion by qualified and engaged participants.

At Insights Opinion, we prioritize providing prospective participants with clear, transparent information about each survey project. We believe this practice is essential for building trust and ensuring a positive participant experience. While the specifics may vary by participant source, here's how it generally works:

In-House Panel (Proprietary):

Participants from our in-house panel receive pre-survey invitation emails or notifications. These messages include details like estimated survey duration, the research topic, incentives for participation, and a brief project description. We emphasize that participation is voluntary and assure participants of the confidentiality of their responses.

Website Intercept Surveys (Proprietary):

For website intercept surveys, potential participants see survey invitations or prompts on our site or app. These typically include estimated survey duration, the topic, and incentives for survey completion. We stress that participation is optional and responses are confidential.

External Suppliers (Exclusive):

Information for participants recruited by external suppliers may vary based on the supplier's processes.

Despite slight variations, our commitment to transparency, informed consent, and participant privacy remains consistent. We aim to ensure that all participants have a clear understanding of what's involved in the survey, regardless of the source. This approach fosters high-quality responses and a positive participant experience.

No, each respondent is individually selected for a single, dedicated survey. Our emphasis is on maintaining a high standard of quality, rather than pursuing quantity.

By default, predefined incentives for a particular study cannot be reduced during the study's duration. This measure is in place to prevent any issues with respondents. However, it is possible to increase incentive amounts at any point during the study to expedite the project if needed.

At Insights Opinion, we systematically evaluate participant satisfaction at the project level to maintain a positive participant experience. However, providing normative data for projects with various criteria is a complex task.

Assessing Participant Satisfaction:

We regularly collect post-survey feedback from participants to gauge their satisfaction.

Participants rate their overall survey experience, considering factors like question clarity, survey duration, and topic relevance.

Their feedback is essential for understanding their satisfaction and areas for improvement.

Normative Data:

Providing normative data tailored to specific project attributes requires a substantial volume of data and benchmarking studies.

Aggregating data across projects with similar characteristics is necessary for normative data comparisons, an ongoing and industry-specific effort.

We may offer generalized normative data for common satisfaction aspects, but it's typically not project-specific.

In summary, while we measure individual project-level participant satisfaction, providing normative data for projects with various criteria is a complex and ongoing task.

Certainly, at Insights Opinion, we consistently provide debrief reports after project completion as part of our commitment to transparency and delivering valuable insights to our clients. The specific content and format of these reports can be tailored to the project and client's preferences, but typically include:
  • Project Overview: A summary of project objectives, scope, and target audience.
  • Methodology: Details about research methods, survey design, recruitment, and data collection.
  • Participant Demographics: An overview of participant characteristics.
  • Survey Metrics: Key survey statistics like response and completion rates.
  • Findings and Insights: Presentation of research findings, trends, and insights.
  • Recommendations: Suggested actions or further exploration based on research outcomes.
  • Appendices and Data: Supplementary materials and raw data.
  • Acknowledgments: Recognition of the research team and participants.
These reports can be customized to meet specific client needs and serve as valuable resources for informed decision-making and strategy.

Data quality and Validation

The frequency of survey participation varies based on source types and several factors. We employ measures to manage engagement:
  • In-house panel: Encouraged to participate regularly, with a balance to prevent fatigue.
  • Website Intercept Surveys and external suppliers: Participation frequency varies.
Mean and maximum participation time depend on an individual's history, location, and survey availability. We use a survey router system to allocate surveys based on engagement and response rates. Our priority is preventing survey fatigue, achieved through algorithms and dynamic incentives for motivation. Our approach is adaptable to source types and research goals, with varying limits and algorithms based on the source and project requirements.

At Insights Opinion, we gather various data points for individual participants to enhance participant management and research quality. These data may include recent participation history, entry dates, source/channel of recruitment, and engagement metrics. While we maintain this data to ensure research quality, sharing or appending individual-level data to participant records is subject to data privacy regulations, project-specific needs, and participant consent, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and best practices.

At Insights Opinion, we maintain stringent procedures for verifying participant identity at the project level to safeguard the research process's integrity. These measures are typically executed during survey or router entry and encompass the following:
  • Participant Registration and Verification: Participants verify their contact information, such as email and, if applicable, mobile numbers, during initial registration, establishing their identity for future survey access.
  • Unique Identifiers: We assign unique identifiers to each participant to prevent duplicate entries.
  • Email Verification: Participants must log in using their registered email and password when accessing surveys or routers to ensure secure entry.
  • Optional Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): In some instances, we use 2FA for added security.
  • Device and IP Tracking: Monitoring the device and IP addresses of participants ensures security and helps detect unusual activity.
  • Data Validation: We regularly validate participant data for accuracy.
These rigorous identity confirmation procedures are critical to maintaining research quality and protecting participant data while adhering to data privacy regulations and best practices.

At Insights Opinion, we employ strategies to maintain source consistency and blend at the project level. This ensures that the composition of sample sources remains consistent over time. Our approach involves clear guidelines, quality controls, and communication with external suppliers. We provide reports on blends and sources, offering transparency to buyers. Additionally, we can append source information to participant data records for enhanced analysis. This commitment ensures research integrity and data accuracy.

At Insights Opinion, our rigorous participant/member quality tracking system and health metrics ensure data integrity and research quality. Here's how it works:
  • Participant Quality Metrics: We assess individual participants using health metrics that evaluate their survey participation quality, response consistency, and overall survey engagement.
  • Invitation and Survey Tracking: We monitor each participant's survey history and engagement, including response rates and any irregular patterns.
  • Data Validation: We routinely validate participant data by cross-referencing profile information with survey responses to identify discrepancies.
Using Metrics for Invitations, Tracking, Quarantine, and Blocking:
  • Invitations: Participants with a history of high-quality responses and engagement receive survey invitations.
  • Tracking and Monitoring: We continuously monitor engagement and health metrics during surveys.
  • Quarantine and Blocking: We quarantine or block participants with low-quality or fraudulent responses.
Comparing Profiled Data to In-Survey Responses:
We check profiled data against in-survey responses and take action if significant inconsistencies are detected.
These processes maintain data reliability and representativeness.

At Insights Opinion, we employ various strategies to mitigate undesired in-survey behaviors that can compromise data quality. These strategies include careful survey design, data validation checks, response time monitoring, random response detection, response quality scoring, participant warnings, and partial completion monitoring. By implementing these measures, we maintain data quality and research integrity, ensuring our survey responses align with research objectives.

Policies And Compliance

Committed to safeguarding participant privacy, we gather essential personal data solely to deliver our services and facilitate activities like sending promotional emails. We may also share data with third-party market research firms and partners for specific purposes, encompassing fraud prevention, copyright infringement, and data validation. We do not disclose personal data to our subsidiaries or other entities without explicit participant consent. Furthermore, participants retain the right to access, rectify, delete, limit, or object to the processing of their personal data. They may also opt out of receiving promotional emails at their discretion.

Committed to ensuring data protection compliance, our approach encompasses key elements:
  • Laws and Regulations: We stay updated on data protection laws across our operating regions, maintaining compliance.
  • Consent and Legal Grounds: We prioritize informed consent, ensuring transparency in data collection.
  • Data Breach Response: Our protocol swiftly addresses data breaches, respecting reporting requirements.
  • Cross-Border Data Transfers: We uphold cross-border data transfer requirements.
  • Data Retention: Our policies establish clear retention periods, following legal frameworks.
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO): We've appointed a DPO for oversight, inquiries, and compliance.
Our dedication to data protection is unwavering, safeguarding research participant rights and privacy.

At Insights Opinion, we prioritize facilitating participant consent management for personal data processing. Participants can grant, manage, or revise their consent with ease. We offer various support channels for inquiries and concerns, including customer support, online portals, and direct access to our Data Protection Officer (DPO). Transparency and compliance with data protection regulations are central to our approach.

At Insights Opinion, we diligently track and adhere to relevant laws and regulations regarding participant incentives. Here's a brief overview of our approach:
  • Legal Research: We stay updated on labor and tax laws.
  • Compliance Assessment: We review and align our incentive practices accordingly.
  • Expert Consultation: Legal experts guide our compliance efforts.
  • Practice Adjustments: If needed, we modify our incentive methods to ensure compliance.
  • Transparency: Participants are informed about payment structures and tax obligations.
  • Record-Keeping: We maintain comprehensive financial records for reporting and audits.
  • Continuous Monitoring: We stay vigilant about legal changes and adapt as necessary to uphold ethical and legal research practices.

Insights Opinion is dedicated to the ethical collection and processing of personal data for children and young individuals. Our approach follows ESOMAR and industry standards, legal compliance, and emphasizes proper consent, transparent communication, robust data security, and legitimate research purposes.

At Insights Opinion, we implement "privacy by design" principles, which systematically integrate data protection and privacy into our systems and processes. This is achieved through Privacy Impact Assessments, data minimization, robust data security, clear consent mechanisms, anonymization and pseudonymization, regular staff training, a designated Data Protection Officer, and ongoing process improvements. This approach is essential for safeguarding participant privacy, complying with data protection laws, and adapting to evolving privacy requirements.

At Insights Opinion, we maintain a robust information security compliance program that aligns with recognized frameworks and standards, such as ISO 27001 and GDPR. This program encompasses elements including data classification, strict access controls, encryption, incident response planning, risk assessments, regular audits, employee training, third-party vendor assessments, data retention policies, monitoring, privacy compliance, and the presence of a Data Protection Officer. Our commitment is to ensure the security and protection of data, regularly adapting to evolving threats and legal requirements.

Yes, we certify and comply with quality frameworks, including ISO 20252. This certification demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high-quality standards in our market research and data collection processes.


Upon request, we offer comprehensive demographic breakdowns for all major metrics to our clients. Please note that these metrics are subject to change over time, and we ensure real-time updates to provide our clients with the latest details.
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