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Quantitative Research For Better Business Insights

Quantitative market research is research that uses statistical, mathematical, or computational techniques to gather quantifiable data. This type of data analysis focuses on identifying patterns, trends, and other variables in an understandable way. It can use tables or graphics to present results.

The information in quantitative research for mobile business comes from existing and potential customers who provide data through online surveys, polls, and questionnaires. The survey may be sent to a large group of people or distributed online for more efficient data collection.

Insights Opinion, one of the trusted market research companies in India, offers accurate quantitative research for software business with global market research to help your business stand out from the competition. Our team of research experts carefully reviews all the intricacies of the data to ensure exceptionally high-quality quantitative research for media business.

How Does Quantitative Data Analysis Services Work?

True to its name, quantitative market research is conducted using statistical methods such as surveys, forms, questionnaires, polls, and more to collect quantitative data. Using such structured quantitative research for finance business, where people are part of the survey, helps collect in-depth and actionable data. In this research method, researchers use mathematical frameworks and formulas that relate to the quantity and type of data required by businesses.

The results yielded from quantitative data analysis are logical, unbiased, and statistical, as data collection is done using a structured method and is conducted on larger samples through various tools.

Representation of this data in the form of charts, graphs, and tables makes it easy for analysts to understand the collected data and helps to prove the validity of the quantitative research for mobile business.

  • Results of mathematical models in real time
  • True key performance indicator identification (KPI)
  • Accurate market estimation, and recognition of major market trends
  • Data improvement to produce competitive market leads
  • Accurate Quantitative Market Research for data-backed strategies

Quantitative Market Research Services

Insights Opinion offers a complete array of quantitative market research services through its passionate and inclusive team of researchers who are adept in language translation to provide an amplified result.

1. Survey Research

An organisation can ask a variety of survey questions, get information from various clients, and then use the information it has gathered to conduct survey research in order to provide numerical findings. It is the initial stage of gathering data for any type of research. For example, a sample of respondents can be surveyed using a variety of methods, including online polls, online surveys, paper questionnaires, and web-intercept surveys, etc.

2. Correlational Research

Correlational research is done to determine the relationship between two closely related entities, how one influences the other, and what are the changes.

This quantitative research strategy is used by every experienced quantitative market research company to correlate two or more variables using mathematical analysis techniques. Conclusions about patterns, correlations, and trends among the variables can be drawn from how they first existed.

3. Causal comparative

The causal comparative research goes beyond the statistical study as it includes examination of different variables or groups change as a result of the affecting factors that bring about the change. Unlike correlational research, the causal comparative research is done regardless of the kind of relationship between two or more variables. The results of this quantitative research strategy are shown using statistical analysis.

4. Experimental Research

As its name implies, experimental research relies on one or more theories. This theory is only an assumption because it hasn’t been proven in the past. An analysis is conducted in experimental research to support or disprove the statement.

This quantitative research for media business approach for research is done in natural sciences. However, in experimental research, there may be several competing theories that can’t be supported or denied.

Quantitative Data Analysis services For Every Industry

No matter what the business vertical is, our professional quantitative data researchers can help you find the right data through the right research methodologies

  • Ecommerce
  • Travel, Leisure & Hospitality
  • Media, Publishing & Entertainment
  • Mobile & Video Games
  • Marketing, SEO & Advertising
  • Technology & Software
  • Business & Finance
  • Legal

How Can Insights Opinion Help?

Whether you are a professional researcher or a marketing expert, we can help you with your quantitative research for travel business work. Our experts know precisely how you wish to receive and use the data and provide just the same. We practise stringent quality measures for quantitative market analysis, and as a result, our quantitative survey methods offer representative results that are highly insightful for the businesses.

Whether it is an online survey, telephonic interview, or offline survey, our team strictly follows the research guidelines to bring you quality data. Our quantitative research for marketing has helped us win the trust of our clients from various industries over the years. Our quantitative data analysis practices are proven and come with highly accurate results.

While working with a big market research company like ours, you will get application of offline and online methodologies including CATI (Computer Aided Telephonic Interview), CAWI (Computer Aided Web interview), PAPI (Pen and Paper Interview). And CLT (Central Location Test). Along with the insightful dashboards, our team is also qualified to generate customised reports within strict deadlines making your reporting easier, efficient and time-bound.

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Benefits of Insights Opinion’s Exceptional Quantitative Market Research

Give an edge to your business and enjoy data from the best quantitative market research agency. Insights Opinion offers you:

  • Constant support throughout the life of your research data.
  • Answers to all follow-up requests and support on all additional questions from the clients.
  • An updated and experienced team to help you with the research.
  • Mandatory discussion of every need, goal, deadline, as well as the budget of the client to plan the project and deliverables accordingly.
  • Easily understandable research reports that can be understood by people who are not from the research field.
  • Reports that offer strategic suggestions for your business which can be passed down to your marketing team.
  • Research analysis to follow up the business campaigns

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

The quantitative research for finance business can be highly beneficial for your business growth as it involves collecting and analyzing numerical data. This data can be used to make informed decisions about your business operations, target audience, product development, and marketing strategies.

First define your research question and objectives. Then, identify the target population and sampling method, and design a survey or questionnaire that will provide the necessary data. Collect data from your sample, clean and process the data, and analyze the data to draw conclusions.

When choosing a quantitative research service provider, consider factors such as their expertise in industry, their track record, ability to design and execute surveys and questionnaires, and their proficiency in data analysis and interpretation.

The cost of hiring quantitative research for travel business service in India can vary depending on several factors such as the scope and complexity of the research project, the size of the target population, the sampling method, the type of data analysis required, and the level of expertise of the research service provider.

By leveraging the insights gained from quantitative research for software business, businesses can optimize their operations, develop effective marketing strategies, and drive growth.

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